Sunday, March 18, 2018

(9, 10 and) 11/52

I didn't intend to take a break, but it happens sometimes! I have fluctuated between being very focused on finishing projects and flittering between random craftiness. Lots to share, because of this!

First, I want to make note of my February yarn and fabric totals.
Here is my second stash update:
Fabric: -2.5 yards
Yarn: -221 yards

Fabric total 2018: -31.25 yards
Yarn total 2018: -3,127 yards

Even though I didn't do as well in February, I still feel good about my progress this year!

FO: Red & white strings

So, the red and white string quilt is done (although I haven't taken full photos yet). I plan to gift this quilt next weekend, so I will definitely have photos to share soon.

Early in the month, I cut a pile of new garments and have finished about half of them so far.

WIP: Driftess cardigan

I'm almost done with my first Driftless Cardigan (I just need to stitch on the buttonband now!), and I hope it will be a very wearable garment. Additionally, I finished a Lark tee and two more Lindens (one in this awesome weird vacation purchase!).

WIP: Crystal Brickless

I also started a new shawl, using a favorite Moonrover yarn.

WIP: 2 x 4 quilt

WIP: 2 x 4 quiltFinally, I am sewing the binding onto my 2x4 quilt (tutorial by Film in the Fridge here). in the last week, I made a back for it, basted and quilted. After letting the finished top linger for six(!) months, that feels really good! I love the quilt so much, and I hope to have photos soon. In my next update, I'll share the recipes we have tried this month. Additionally, I would like to share some of the random small things I've been sewing the past few days.

Monday, February 26, 2018


Last week, I refocused on finishing a WIP, which I hope to gift next month.

WIP: Red & White strings

I finished the quilt top and I'm nearly done with the scrappy back. I plan to baste and start quilting it this week. I always love sewing with strings!

I also focused on hand quilting my String Diamonds project over the weekend, and finally see some progress!

WIP: String Diamonds handquilting progress

I decided to spend at least 15 minutes a day on the quilting. It is fun to see the texture start forming on the back!

This week, I tried three new recipes as well. Talk about down to the wire, but they were all winners. Two were from Good to the Grain, which I have owned for several years. I tried the Banana Walnut Cake (although I subbed pecans). This was a great cake/bread, made so much better by the ground nuts that you mix into to the batter. Also from this book, the focaccia. omg. It was incredible, and I'm grateful that we only baked part of it last night because it means there is more in my belly's immediate future.
We also tried this Smitten Kitchen recipe, and will be enjoying the leftovers tonight. The chickpeas and pistachios add so much!

I also finished a weaving project this week, although I need to figure out what to do with it. It was supposed to be a scarf, but it is woefully short! I'm either going to finish it as a cowl or some small pouches.
And finally, I traced a new garment pattern. More on that soon!

Friday, February 16, 2018


WIP: Scrappy Cogs

More scrappy cog blocks! Since I was traveling over the weekend, this week has consisted mainly of catching up on household tasks and errands, but I have sewn another set of cog blocks. I have 20 blocks done, with another five that are at the HST trimming stage. Not bad for something I started last week.

WIP: Scrappy Cogs

I'm really loving the scrappiness, and planning each block is fun.

I am behind on recipes for the month, but I have plans for two next week.

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